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How do i become a client?

Annie's Pet Sitting uses an app called Time to Pet. You may register through this link: Once you create an account, you will fill out your contact information, pet information, schedule, etc. If you download the Time to Pet app on your mobile phone, you may schedule there too. 

Meet & Greet 

Meet & Greets are virtual or in-person consultations wherein I learn more about you and your baby. During the meeting, we will run through the forms you filled out on Time to Pet, and discuss your expectations, my duties, and policies. Please request an in-person Meet & Greet if you need to give me any physical keys. Ideally, I will receive the key(s) at this visit. If you do not have the key(s) at the time of the Meet & Greet, please contact me and schedule a Key Pick-Up at least 1 day before my start date. At this time, all meetings are free of charge, and there will be no additional charge for Key Pick-Ups outside of the Meet & Greet. 


How do I schedule a visit?

If you are a new client, please create a Time to Pet account through this link: Once you've completed your profile, you may schedule your sits. 


If you are a regular client, you may schedule through either your Time to Pet account or through the app if you downloaded it. 


If you would like to schedule a custom visit, please contact me directly via email or phone. 

how far in advance can I schedule?

You may book xxx months in advance. There's no limit to when you can book on Time to Pet :) 

Can I specify when I want a visit?

Yes! You can specify if you want a Morning, Afternoon, Evening, or Anytime Sit. At this time, there will not be a surcharge if you specifically choose a Morning, Afternoon, or Evening Sit. 

can you do more than 1 sit in a day?

Yes, I can! 

Do you do last-minutes?

Yes! At this time, last-minute sits will not be charged extra. However, if you are a new client, please be courteous and contact me at least 3 days before the desired sit date. I would like to do a Meet & Greet to get to know you and your baby better before an official sit!    

Do you charge extra for overtime? 

Yes. Sometimes a pet is a bit fussy or has made a big mess, and I can usually take care of things within the allotted time, but sometimes it takes longer. In instances where caring/cleaning up significantly exceeds the chosen visit time, at or surpassing the time of a longer session, an overtime fee will be charged. For example, if a 20-min visit is selected and it takes an additional 11 minutes to complete, then you will be charged the amount of a 30-min visit. You will be informed of the overtime charge after the visit, so there will be no surprises on the invoice.  

what is the cancellation policy?

Please cancel at least 24 hrs before the start time to avoid a cancellation fee. Cancellations made less than 24 hr before the start time will be charged for that day's service

Cut-off times: 

Morning Sit = 7 am

Afternoon Sit = 12 pm

Evening Sit = 5 pm

Anytime Sit = 7 am


how do I cancel?

You may cancel through Time to Pet or you may contact me directly. 


Do I receive updates/photos after a visit?

Yep, you do! You will receive a Report Card after each visit. This includes photos and a breakdown of what I did on that visit: cleaning the potty, replenishing their water and food bowl, playtime, etc. 

What can I expect during a visit?

All sits include feeding, water replenishment, and cleaning the potty. Additional services include mail collection, watering plants, taking out the garbage, checking for messes, and cleaning up accidents - all free of charge. Parents will receive an update after each visit. ​If time permits, there will be playtime!

Do you do holiday sits? 

Absolutely! At this time, there will be no extra charge for Holiday Sits!

insurance/medical services

are you insured?

Yes! I am insured & bonded through Pet Sitters Associates. You will find me on their directory

what sort of medical services do you offer?

I only administer pills, eye drops, oral liquid, inhaler, transdermal gel, and mix medication with food. I do not administer sub-cutaneous fluids or insulin shots. 

Do you take pets to vets? 

In an emergency, yes! I will take your pet to the vet if your baby becomes ill. You must pay for the vet care. Before you leave, please call your vet to let them know I am authorized to bring in your baby and leave a credit/debit card number at the vet for any charges. There is also an authorization form you may fill out when signing up for pet sitting services. Vet trips will be charged at a rate of $45 per hour.

what do you do in case of an emergency?

  • Notify you immediately. 

  • Remain calm, assess the situation, and soothe your pet. 

  • Call ahead to the emergency veterinary clinic.

  • Plan the route to the clinic before I leave. 

  • Minimize handling of an injured pet and encourage them to lie down and stay.

  • Identify the injury location or illness before moving your pet to prevent additional wounds 

  • Turn an unconscious pet’s head onto one side / upright to allow any vomit to run out and retain circulation to the brain. 

  • Cover the pet in a blanket to keep them warm.

*It is, therefore, very important that you either call your vet to let them know I am authorized to bring your pet in or fill out the vet release form on Time to Pet.*


what happens to my key after a visit?

You have 2 options regarding keys:

1 - Return the key to you, leaving it in your home or in a lock box on my last visit. 

2 - Keep the key securely on file with me for future bookings.



how do I pay?

You have 3 options regarding payment: 

1 - Venmo 

2 - Zelle

3 - Check (Note: Client will incur a $25 charge for each returned check in addition to any and all bank fees attributed to the returned check.)

4 - If the above options do not meet your needs, please let me know and we will come up with an alternative. 

When do I pay? 

Please complete your payment before the start date. If you do not pay before the visit, I will be unable to take care of your baby. 

general business inquiries 

what areas do you serve?

Primary location:

-Inner/Outer Sunset

Additional locations:

1 - Castro

2 - Duboce Triangle

3 - Marina

4 - Pacific Heights

5 - Richmond

6 - If you live outside the listed locations and would like my services, please don't hesitate to contact me. Exceptions can be made based on availability!

what are your business hours?

If you use text/email, please feel free to contact me at your convenience. If you call, please call between 8 am - 5 pm.

how are you handling covid?

I am monitoring state/federal COVID protocols and will act accordingly. I am fully vaccinated. Please let me know if you would like me to wear a mask when I am in your residence. 

What are your Safety guidelines?

Due to safety and health concerns, I am unable to provide services when other parties are at the residence during my visit. This includes the contractor, guests, family members, roommates, housesitters, friends, housekeepers, etc. I will leave if anyone is at the residence during my visit. This policy is non-negotiable.

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